"One and Done" - What Does it Mean?

I have a saying I like to repeat over and over: "One and Done."
In our vision for Rising, the concept behind "One and Done" is described this way:

We know that our quality and our ability to evolve and grow depends on constant improvement and doing things right.  If we think we will need to do something more than once in the exact same way, we automate it.  We put significant effort into building and enhancing our products and services (brains), versus adding resources to do them (brawn). 
It’s easy to focus on what’s most important when you work at Rising.
Why is this so important for companies? Today's world is very competitive.  We compete on price, speed, service levels, etc.  Survival and success depends on efficiency and quality.

The most simple and important thing we can do in our workflows and designs for efficiency is to make sure we only do something once.

At Rising, if someone enters data on a referral form, we don't retype it, we capture and share it.  If the pre-certification department captures and validates provider data, we don't re-enter the data when we get a bill from that provider in bill review, or in W9 provider validation, or in provider payment, or provider negotiation letters.  If someone programs a service for one product, we reuse that effort in all other areas. The goal is to be consistent, fast, and easy to maintain.

We do it once, and leverage that across the company to be fast, high quality and cost effective.
If we design it wrong and expect to come back to it, I find it almost never happens. Every company has new ideas to develop that keep resources from going to process improvement.

Do it right the first time...think it through.

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