Training - The Hidden Risk to the Workers' Comp Industry

This article was published by Robert Wilson, at workerscompensation.com:
The article is based on data in Rising's Benchmarking Study.  It is well written, and the interpretation of the numbers is accurate.  The state of the union for training in workers’ compensation is scary.  Training is not funded or a priority in a vast majority of the claims operations.


13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

I saw this article and thought it was great. I've outlined these thirteen things and have included my own thoughts.

1. They Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves

Fair or unfair, it just doesn't matter.  I actually have no idea why people waste their time thinking about it.  Why waste your time and energy on things you cannot control?  Life is life, and it isn't always fair.  One thing I've realized is that every gift can make me soft if I don't watch out and every challenge makes me stronger. Everything can be turned into a positive with the right attitude.


A Story About Persistence and a Great Attitude

I love a great inspirational story.  This article was sent to me about Tom Stark, who I have had the pleasure of working with in the past.

He signed up for an Iron Man - when he didn't know how to swim! His positive attitude, willingness to work hard, and desire to see things through to the end are demonstrated in his actions and his words.

Outcomes More Important than Time & Effort

If you're undergoing a surgery, would you rather go to a provider who takes their time on the surgery, or one who does the surgery well? Strange question right? You want someone that takes their time and does it well. Maybe not.


Knowing How to Compliment

I've always been fascinated by human nature, and determining what makes some people resilient and able to succeed, and what makes some unable to overcome these challenges.  What is innate, what was conditioned from childhood and what can be improved in adults.


How the $9.8 Billion Charge in Healthcare Can Get Better

It's a stunning number -- $9.8 billion dollars annually.  This represents how much hospital infections are estimated to be costing us, based on a study released by JAMA.  This is just the financial cost.  It does not take into account the human factor -- the loss of life and limb associated with infections. 


Do Steroid Injections Really Work for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Those of us doing this for a while are very familiar with the use of steroid injections to treat carpal tunnel.  Swedish researchers have found that, although this may provide some short-term relief, longer-term repair still usually requires surgery.


NY Times Article on Implant Costs

​A recent New York Times article had some very interesting insight into healthcare tourism and the high costs associated with the US healthcare system, particularly implant costs.  

The article spotlights a man in America who receives a quote for a hip replacement. The implant costs $350 to manufacture in the US and $150 overseas.  He negotiated the wholesale rate of $13,000 for the implant ( it would have been much higher had the hospital billed their retail rate).  The hospital then wanted to charge another $65,000 for the room, with surgeon and anesthesia charges still extra. If all of these charges had occurred, the total surgery cost would have been more than $100,000.


Judgment vs. Discernment

Life today creates constant assaults on our senses and emotions.  We are busier and have more demands than any time in history. These things can put us into fight or flight mode at any time. As founder of a company, CEO and father, I have constant stimulus assaulting my senses, tying to trigger me. I know for a fact this isn't a good thing on many levels...
  • I don't think as clearly when I am triggered
  • My health suffers
  • Work and life are a lot less fun


The Power of Case Management & Other Interesting "Facts"

The following article has some great data on how case management has had an impact on long-term costs and increased health.


US Healthcare: Consumes 80% of World's Opioid Prescriptions

The US makes up 4.6% of the world's population, yet we consume 80% of the world's opioid prescriptions. That means Americans consume 83 pain killers for every one the average person worldwide takes. An opioid is a form of palliative treatment that addresses symptoms, not intended to heal the cause.  Basically, an opioid is synthetic heroin or opium. ABCNews.com writes about this in an article on the state of our healthcare system.


Seeing Pain on a Brain Scan

Researchers have been able to see "pain" on a brain scan for the first time. This development indicates that in the future, we will be able to pinpoint pain and the scale of that pain more effectively.


Halifax Hospital - Largest Whistle-Blower Case Yet?

​A lawsuit is ongoing in Florida that could produce one of the largest whistle-blower penalties ever for the Halifax hospital chain.  An internal employee of Halifax says she witnessed more than a decade of billing fraud, unnecessary hospital admissions, inappropriate spinal surgeries and illegal kickbacks to doctors which could amount to more than $200 million in damages. 


Dealing with Enemies and Conflict

Here is a great article on how two Best Buy power players, the Founder and the new CEO, went from enemies to a unified front.  The three main points on how the new CEO diffused the situation are as follows.


Who Do You Spend Time With?

I have spent hours thinking about and challenging this idea in my mind, but it keeps reproving itself to me over and over.  Consider who you spend the most time with, and most likely you are the average of those five friends in all areas of life:


Why the Pharmacy Stop is a Necessary One

A growing trend in our industry is "Physician Dispensing." This is when a medical provider sells the drugs from their office instead of writing a prescription and sending them to the pharmacy.

Some companies will go to physician offices and set up "vending machines" with the most common drugs to be sold.  Then physicians get a cut of the profits. 


Task Management vs. Outcome Leadership

I am sure all of you heard about the "ban" on large sugary drinks in New York City.  I was very happy to see that a judge overruled it (Comrade Bloomberg will appeal that ruling).  It was nice to see the judicial system play its proper role in controlling the expansion of government.


Hospital Fees, Minus the Actual Hospital

​There is a trend towards consolidation in the healthcare industry. We're seeing hospitals buying up medical provider offices (or forming them). The main financial advantage is that they can then bill at hospital rates or bill for things like room charges without the actual hospital overhead. This article documents one example of this practice in Boston.


Growing a Company Montessori-Style

I’ve been looking at schools for my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter and I was floored by the quality of education available today.  

One school, Near North Montessori, really stood out from the rest. It’s fostering a science and culture of learning that is unbelievable.  The days I remember of mindless memorization and hours of sitting bored and frustrated listening to lectures are no more. While I wish I could relive my school years, I realize, especially after my recent Montessori school visit, that I’m reliving those years every day alongside our Company’s 200+employees. I discovered that what we’ve been fostering for the past 14 years within the Company’s culture is based heavily on the Montessori method. Here are six common philosophies we share to develop the human potential: