Strength Comes from Overcoming Challenges

I believe confidence comes from overcoming challenges. I developed this as a core belief while training in and teaching jujitsu. I noticed a lot of new students came seeking to learn jujitsu, but couldn't perform techniques right away and quit within a few weeks. They were embarrassed by their perceived failure. Some, however, stuck with it. 

As a teacher, I was especially fascinated with the individuals who were not confident or natural at jujitsu in the beginning, but they kept on trying. Overtime, you'd see them get a technique right once, then 10 percent of the time, then half of the time, then 80 percent of the time. What I witnessed more than their ability to "kick butt" was their emotional ability to overcome failure.


It's the Start that Stops Us

I just found a note from the Inc 5000 conference I attended two years ago.  It was from the opening speech by Jill Blashack Strahan, Founder and CEO of Tastefully Simple. She started by saying that she enjoyed spending time with entrepreneurs. Why? According to Jill, entrepreneurs aren't stopped by the start.

That quote hit me hard.  It is powerful.

Most people are stopped by the start. I have watched this throughout my life with frustration.  People think about starting, and put more energy into the planning, than it could ever take to actually do something. I am not immune.  It happens to all of us. Put any legal contract or form in front of me and you can watch this phenomenon manifest.


Putting the US Debt into Household Budget Terms

The US debt has just reached 100 percent of the GDP.  This is the total of what is produced and sold in society. Unfortunately, this is a major marker in America's history, especially since a debtor nation is considered "bad off" with more than 50 percent of their GDP in debt.

Here's a
quick, funny video putting the US debt crisis into context by comparing it to a family's annual household budget.


Major Strides for Paraplegics

The military is focusing on robotic skeletons to help paralyzed soldiers walk again. The exoskeleton is a wearable robot that allows a wheelchair user to stand up and walk. It could be a game-changer for anyone who is a paraplegic.