When Someone Needs to be Right — What is the Other Side?

That is correct.  The other side of the coin is that someone else has to be wrong.

Probably the most common and damaging threat to a healthy relationship is the need to be right. This represents the Ego, one of the three “Evil E's”– Ego, Envy, and Entitlement – that I’ve written about previously. When someone always needs to be right, by definition, there is someone that always needs to be wrong. This may not seem to be of any great importance, until you realize that the person that is "wrong" also has their self-esteem damaged in many instances. The need to be right does far more than provoke arguments. The need to be right eats away at loyalty, trust, intimacy and eventually destroys relationships and teams.


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A recent study by Harvard has shown that daughters of mothers who work outside the home have very distinct career advantages later in life.  In addition, their adult sons are more involved in household responsibilities and spend more time caring for family members.