The Place of Predictive Modeling in Our World

Predictive Modeling is a term that has become a hot button in many industries. Done properly, predictive modeling has the power to improve efficiency and outcomes in almost infinite ways.

Here's an article published in the WorkCompWire about Predictive Modeling that focuses on the workers' compensation insurance industry. The concepts apply to many industries and I tried to lay the concepts out in simple terms so it may be a good read for anyone interested in learning more on the topic.


Transparency in Medical Bill Review

Here's a Rising article published in WorkCompWire. It's on the importance of transparency in a bill review program.

Transparency is about trust. It's amazing to me how often I find programs with hidden or misleading data, and the client tolerates that behavior.  At Rising, if our partner isn't transparent and open, then that partner is not going to be part of our mix for long.


It's Better to Be Respected than Liked

Machiavelli in his famous book, "The Prince," debated whether it was better for a king to be feared or loved.

In today's business world, I think the question can be rephrased as: Is it better to be "Respected" or "Liked."

It is always nice to be "liked."  But, people do business with people they respect, not necessarily with those they only like.  From that perspective, respect is the more important commodity.   


Supply and Demand - Applies to Governments Too

Illinois just passed a law that taxes Internet retailers differently than other states do.  They also increased personal income tax and have some of the highest sales tax in the nation. Here is a video showing how they pushed an Internet coupon company to the breaking point, and they moved across the border to Wisconsin.

California is notorious for their high levels of taxes and cost.  They also passed an Internet law and Amazon.com and others canceled thousands of their contracts, likely putting a lot of small California vendors out of business.  Over a million high earners have moved out of California in the last few years to lower tax states.


Government Spending - How it Impacts You

When we hear debates on spending cuts or tax increases needed for the government, it's sometimes hard to grasp the issue.  
The only way to get a grasp on what’s possible and realistic is to look at historical numbers. After all, when I see that we’re spending taxpayer dollars to continue funding Anthony Weiner's $1.2 million pensionit gives me good reason to take a closer look.