Become a "Legend"

I have spent a lot of time surrounding myself with success.  I love being pushed and inspired by people achieving greatness.  The one thing I've noticed about almost all super successful people, in any form or fashion, is they all have unrelenting standards.  They aim very high in life. Here's a great article on that very topic.

I love the fact that his driving factor in life is to Become a "Legend."  He must keep working hard, even after winning a race or a gold medal, or two, to truly become a "legend."  This is his North Star that keeps him driving forward.

Each step or race is not the outcome.  The "grand plan" is the outcome.  Without a grand vision of where we want to be, it's impossible to achieve our ultimate potential.

There is a great lesson here.  Strive for extraordinary results in your life, your job and everything you do.  It's the only way to ever become truly exceptional.

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