Your Internal Clock - Morning Person or Night Owl?

This article was great. It addresses people and their various requirements for sleep.

Each of us requires a different amount of sleep. Each of us also has a different internal clock. Biologically, we are programmed to be morning people or night owls. The combination makes us who we are.


Variability in Surgical Costs - Bill Goes Viral

This article features a patient that posted their $55K appendectomy surgery bill online, and it makes some very interesting points.

The University of California San Francisco researchers set out to find out how much an appendectomy cost in California. The price varied from $1,529 to $182,955. 


Re-Injury Stats After Employees Return-to-Work

I found this article very interesting on Return-to-Work (RTW) in the workers' compensation environment. Most would agree that the goal is to get employees back to work at pre-injury status or maximum improvement (MMI). Easier said than done however, and there are varying levels of success.


The Doctor Shortage & Surgical Care

There is a looming crisis in access to care as noted in this article. All of the numbers point the same way. More people are getting coverage. More doctors are retiring. Medicaid patients are already having trouble finding care. Medicare and work comp are next. Accessing care is huge concern for many of the payers I speak to. They know what is coming.