If You Can't Beat Them, Buy Them: Why Some Drug Costs Are Going Up

I have done some analysis on pharmacy costs for clients recently. During that time, I noticed an increase in the cost per prescription for some drugs. Our pharmacy partners have shown the same trend in their data. This upsurge made no sense to me.


When Yelp Reviews are Better than Hospital Rating Systems

Here is my latest Risk & Insurance article that blog readers may find interesting. In it, I share some thoughts on the problems with Hospital Rating Systems and how employers and payers can get to meaningful provider quality measures: When Yelp Reviews are Better than Hospital Rating Systems

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A Few More Observations on the ProPublica/NPR Debate

Last week, I shared my thoughts on the hot debate ignited by the recent ProPublica/NPR series, “The Demolition of Workers’ Compensation.” While I focused on “big-picture” questions that we must ask ourselves as we examine the points raised, I did want to follow up with some additional commentary. The authors took on some important issues in their articles, but I must take issue with a number of the assumptions and conclusions they made in the process.


Workers' Comp: Like a Nasty Divorce

Here is my latest Risk & Insurance article that blog readers may find interesting. In it, I share some views on the ProPublica/NPR series on "The Demolition of Workers' Comp" and the ensuing industry debate: Workers’ Comp: Like a Nasty Divorce

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Whether You Believe You Can or You Can't — You Are Right

The other day on the drive home, Mike Ditka was being interviewed on the radio. He had some good quotes. Commenting on teams or players, he quoted Henry Ford and said, “If you believe you can do something or you can’t do something, you are right.”


Leadership Navigation: Resourcefulness vs. Process

I recently went on a long boat ride to the middle of nowhere. The ship was very well run. Because of the tight space, everything had a clear place. Everyone knew their jobs well. Whether pulling into port or fishing, the crew all knew what had to be done to run the process. They fixed broken items. They cleaned, maintained, and kept the ship organized. They prevented and prepared for any future potential issues.


Attitude—It Affects Surgery Outcomes

A recent Mayo study reinforces what we have always believed.  A person's attitude and happiness really affect how quickly they recover.


Life Lessons from an Australian Comedian

This Commencement Address was delivered at a school in Australia  by a graduate of the school who is now a well-known comedian. I want to watch this with my kids at a later point in life when they can understand some of the nuances.  For now, I share some of these lessons with you.


WAIT — "Why Am I Talking"

I was at my daughter's school and there was speaker on child psychology.  The emphasis was on the damage done to kids by over-parenting and over-managing their lives.  It was very interesting. They asked adults about their favorite childhood memory.  Only 20% named something involving a parent.  It was usually about when they accomplished something new, took a risk, or were with friends being spontaneous.  The moments when they were able to risk and grow were their top moments.


Workers' Comp - Feeding the Heroin Dragon

<I'm now writing some articles for Risk & Insurance magazine that readers of my blog may find of interest. Periodically, I will post links to them here: Workers' Comp - Feeding the Heroin Dragon.>

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