Attitude—It Affects Surgery Outcomes

A recent Mayo study reinforces what we have always believed.  A person's attitude and happiness really affect how quickly they recover.


Life Lessons from an Australian Comedian

This Commencement Address was delivered at a school in Australia  by a graduate of the school who is now a well-known comedian. I want to watch this with my kids at a later point in life when they can understand some of the nuances.  For now, I share some of these lessons with you.


WAIT — "Why Am I Talking"

I was at my daughter's school and there was speaker on child psychology.  The emphasis was on the damage done to kids by over-parenting and over-managing their lives.  It was very interesting. They asked adults about their favorite childhood memory.  Only 20% named something involving a parent.  It was usually about when they accomplished something new, took a risk, or were with friends being spontaneous.  The moments when they were able to risk and grow were their top moments.


Workers' Comp - Feeding the Heroin Dragon

<I'm now writing some articles for Risk & Insurance magazine that readers of my blog may find of interest. Periodically, I will post links to them here: Workers' Comp - Feeding the Heroin Dragon.>

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ALS Association, Don’t Waste this Opportunity

I have a different perspective on charitable organizations than most. My first job at 13 years old was cold calling for charities. I would sit in a smoke-filled room dialing lists (phone book, past donors) for hours. I hadn’t hit puberty yet so most prospects would call me ma'am. I got more donations when they thought I was a female, so I ran with it. The owner of my company drove a new Ferrari. His 19-year-old son, who ran my office, also drove a Ferrari (one of his dad's old ones). They would ask the police or a charity in the town if they could raise money for them (say $10,000) and if they raised $40,000, they kept the difference. I started to see how easy it was to use people's good nature to raise money for purely selfish reasons and I developed a healthy distrust of charitable organizations.


Hospitals Are Not Getting Safer

<I'm now writing some articles for Risk & Insurance magazine that readers of my blog may find of interest.  Periodically, I will post links to them here:
Hospitals Are Not Getting Safer.>

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Smiles and Hugs Matter

This is the heartwarming story of a young man who started his own restaurant.  That, in and of itself, is a nice accomplishment.  Tim is his name.  However, what makes the story truly amazing and touching, though, is that Tim has Down’s syndrome.


Exciting Advance in Treatment of Paralysis

I am sure many of you saw this, but I recently read about one of the most amazing medical advancements I have heard about in years.

A group of researchers recently restored movement to the legs of paraplegics. There were four participants in the research study, and all four of them regained movement.


Your Internal Clock - Morning Person or Night Owl?

This article was great. It addresses people and their various requirements for sleep.

Each of us requires a different amount of sleep. Each of us also has a different internal clock. Biologically, we are programmed to be morning people or night owls. The combination makes us who we are.


Variability in Surgical Costs - Bill Goes Viral

This article features a patient that posted their $55K appendectomy surgery bill online, and it makes some very interesting points.

The University of California San Francisco researchers set out to find out how much an appendectomy cost in California. The price varied from $1,529 to $182,955.