Halifax Hospital - Largest Whistle-Blower Case Yet?

​A lawsuit is ongoing in Florida that could produce one of the largest whistle-blower penalties ever for the Halifax hospital chain.  An internal employee of Halifax says she witnessed more than a decade of billing fraud, unnecessary hospital admissions, inappropriate spinal surgeries and illegal kickbacks to doctors which could amount to more than $200 million in damages. 


Dealing with Enemies and Conflict

Here is a great article on how two Best Buy power players, the Founder and the new CEO, went from enemies to a unified front.  The three main points on how the new CEO diffused the situation are as follows.


Who Do You Spend Time With?

I have spent hours thinking about and challenging this idea in my mind, but it keeps reproving itself to me over and over.  Consider who you spend the most time with, and most likely you are the average of those five friends in all areas of life: