"We" vs "Me" Teams

Every group of people is really just a tribe. Some are larger or smaller than others. Companies, countries, sports teams. They all function as tribes. When the nuclear disaster struck in Japan, again it struck me how much better their society functioned during a time of crisis than we did during Katrina. 

CNN wrote a great story on how people reacted. The main difference I notice between effective and ineffective tribes can be boiled down to a "we" mentality vs. a "me" mentality.  The exact same word, with one letter flipped upside down and the meaning could not be more different.

In great tribes, the good of the team comes first.  You will hear a lot of "we" and "us" not a lot of "I", "my" and "me." Notice this in life. Watch sports teams that overachieve.  Look at societies with lower crime and better systems. Look at companies that are changing the world.  Look at units that are humming.  Look at families that seem to really enjoy each other.  My bet is you will start to see the same pattern I have.

Pay attention to this in your own life.  Do you claim all the glory?  Take all the credit? That erodes trust and creates unhealthy competition amongst those close to you. Share the glory, credit and results to create trust. This encourages people to want to work with you and be around you again.

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