Pay Yourself First

One of the first lessons I learned in personal finance was the principle of "paying yourself first." We all want to save ... for retirement; for a bigger house; for school; for safety; for a new toy.  The key to reaching these goals is the concept of "paying yourself first."  Before spending a dime, pull out your savings goals first.  Then live off whatever is left.  Pretend you never had it, or else you will spend it.


Leadership vs. Management

Leadership and management are two very different things. Leadership "pulls" people. Management "pushes" people.


EMRs: The Law of Unintended Consequences

The government has been pushing for electronic medical record keeping for many years.  The thought was it would drive efficiencies, reduce costs and improve care.  Billions in incentives have been spent trying to get hospitals and providers to upgrade their systems to allow for electronic medical record keeping.