Exciting Advance in Treatment of Paralysis

I am sure many of you saw this, but I recently read about one of the most amazing medical advancements I have heard about in years.

A group of researchers recently restored movement to the legs of paraplegics. There were four participants in the research study, and all four of them regained movement.

According to the article, "By coursing an electrical current through the four men's spines, the research team...appears to have 'dialed up' signals between the brain and legs that were believed to have been completely lost."

Can you imagine the impact on quality of life for thousands of people? Not just on those suffering from paralysis, but their families as well? What about the other nervous system disorders like ALS?

This also has the potential to be a large money-saver for the healthcare industry. Lifetime care needs would be minimized if the patients can be self-sufficient again.

I have not been this excited by a breakthrough in a long time. I cannot wait to watch this evolve.

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