Your Internal Clock - Morning Person or Night Owl?

This article was great. It addresses people and their various requirements for sleep.

Each of us requires a different amount of sleep. Each of us also has a different internal clock. Biologically, we are programmed to be morning people or night owls. The combination makes us who we are.

My wife and I loved this article for different reasons. She feels she needs eight hours of sleep no matter what. I am definitely wired to be a night owl. I feel smarter and more energized in the evening than in the morning. I have been explaining for years my inability to go to sleep early and how depressing it is to leave my almost euphoric state (where I am in the zone) at night.

Turns out we are both right.

The article talks a lot about social jet lag. It was interesting because it hit on what I feel at times. Society (work, commute, children, etc.) push me to an earlier and earlier start time (especially with a longer commute now), but my body is most awake and aware at night. According to the article, entrepreneurs and innovators tend to have later chronotypes which matches what I have seen in others.

If you have a natural rhythm, work to live within it. Work with your teammates on schedule and family on preferred hours. You will be more effective and happy.

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