A Story About Persistence and a Great Attitude

I love a great inspirational story.  This article was sent to me about Tom Stark, who I have had the pleasure of working with in the past.

He signed up for an Iron Man - when he didn't know how to swim! His positive attitude, willingness to work hard, and desire to see things through to the end are demonstrated in his actions and his words.

We can all learn from stories like these. ​It has been proven over and over again that attitude can make all the difference in how you view life. Achievement, happiness, and health can all be impacted by a positive "can do" attitude. The exact same day can be great or terrible, all based on attitude. Something can seem impossible or be a "fun challenge," all based on our attitude.

What is it you want to do, but don't think you can?  I know I am rethinking my self-imposed limitations after reading this story. 

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