Traditional Hospitals Believed to Become Obsolete?

This study shows that many people believe traditional hospitals will be obsolete in the near future. I’ve thought this for a long time. Traditional hospitals have an obsolete method of performing healthcare. Centralized, bureaucratic, overpriced, non-competitive, and full of sick people with open surgical wounds. The list of issues is endless.

Healthcare is downstreaming. Just like computers, where they started as massive mainframes, then moved to smaller centralized computers, then to desktops, then to laptops and then to smart devices (phones, watches, glasses, etc.), healthcare is evolving.

Hospitals are the “mainframes” of old and now more and more services are moving to Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) or to doctors’ offices. More will move to webcams or online (do you really need to go to a doctor for a recurring prescription?)

Rising's surgical care management approach is all about staying at the forefront of this movement. 

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