Creating Exceptional Customer Relationships – It’s a Must

Taking the time to develop exceptional customer relationships is the most underutilized activity in business. Perfect service delivery without a great relationship leaves a person wanting...something. I recently read an insightful article on this topic. So much of what's covered in it, we're doing at Rising. 

  Here are a few key points from the article:
  • Be responsive. Your customers’ urgency must become your urgency.
  • Be consultative. Gently challenge, make informed suggestions and provide options.
  • Keep it simple. Skip the jargon and sell the results.
  • Take an interest in the person; make it personal.
  • Keep your customer informed; nobody likes to be in the dark.
  • Be willing to go the extra mile; give customers more than they expect.
  • Follow up to check the customer’s level of satisfaction ... it’s never over.
Bringing value to your daily customer interactions is the key to creating lasting business relationships.

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