HUG Away the Evil E's

One of my pet peeves is people that point out a problem without offering a solution. Too many people get ahead in life nitpicking other people or things, without being able to do any better themselves. So, since I pointed out the Evil E's (Ego, Envy, Entitlement) -- behaviors that destroy teams and cultures -- I better have a solution. HUG stands for the following:

Humility: A person with Humility is receptive to the world and others' ideas, even if those ideas challenge their own. Humility does not mean they lack confidence or will avoid a challenge. In fact, it means the opposite. It requires extreme confidence to not be afraid of a challenge or not be afraid to admit you're wrong. The difference between Humility and Ego is like the difference between confidence and cockiness. 

Humility allows a person to open up and absorb information faster. They learn more quickly and continue to evolve throughout life because it's not important whose idea it is, everyone on the team gets to contribute and feel engaged. Better ideas rise to the top faster. Defensive barriers drop. Wrong decisions are admitted faster and the team adapts quickly. The lack of Ego means team trust has been developed.  This allows for a higher performing team and a better work/life environment for all.

Understanding: This can be empathy, love or friendship.  It evokes the opposite characteristics of Envy. A person roots for and cares about the success of others, independent of his/her own desires. People feel safe around those exhibiting this behavior; there is trust. People on the team are open to them and attracted to them.  Naturally, others will start looking out for people with this behavior in return. Think of good Karma. 

Gratitude: By showing true appreciation for what's happening in your life, you recognize that you're one of the "lucky" ones in life. Unlike Entitlement, people with this attitude tend to be happier because they notice the nice things people do and the good things that happen in their life. They look for the silver lining in life and in others. People want to do nice things for them because they're appreciative.

Look for teammates with these traits. A team built with HUG members will outperform Evil E members every time.

In addition, try to nurture these behaviors in yourself.  Not only do they lead to long-term success, they help lead to better family relationships and more personal happiness. 

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